Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Arizona Summer Heat

If you live in Arizona, you know the Phoenix summer is no joke. Many newcomers don’t take the summers as seriously as they should and can get themselves and their pets into life-threatening trouble. When temperatures rise north of 110°F, it can be brutal for you and your pets at home. You'll want to take extra precautions to combat the hot weather and keep your pets happy and healthy.

Not sure where to start? Here's how to keep your pets cool in Arizona:

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Don’t take your pets on a walk during the day

During the summer, temperatures can get as high as 120°F. When temperatures get that high, you can expect the asphalt to be 40-60 degrees hotter than outside. If you walk your dogs on the asphalt, they can burn their paws.

This means you'll want to avoid taking your pooch out for a walk during the day. Look for grassy patches or shaded areas if you need to walk them to go potty or in the event of an emergency. Never walk them on the concrete during the day.

To keep them safe, you'll want to revise your walking routine. Consider only walking them early in the morning, between 4 am and 6 am, or late in the evening when the weather cools off a bit.

Leave out plenty of water

Whether your pets spend most of their day outside of inside: You'll want to ensure they always have enough water. Every morning, check to see if their bowl is filled with fresh and clean water.

Also, keep an eye out for the warning signs of dehydration. If your pet's nose is dry, they are panting more than usual, or lethargic: It may be a sign that they need more water.

Keep them inside

During the hottest months in Arizona, the last thing you want to do is spend all day outside. So why would you make your pets? Even if they are strictly outdoor animals, consider making an exception when it's hotter than usual. This is the best way to keep your pets cool in Arizona.

Never leave them in your car

If it's hot outside, it's even hotter in your car. If you leave your pets unattended in a vehicle for a prolonged period during an Arizona summer, they could dehydrate or suffer from heatstroke.

There are better options than leaving your pet in a hot car. Always bring your pet with you, leave them at home, or drop them off at daycare. This ensures they are safe and can keep cool during the scorching temperatures.

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Don't forget: If it's hot for you, it's hot for them, too. Always go the extra mile for the furry friends in your household. If you can't keep your pets indoors during the Arizona summer or need help during 9-5, lean on Pet2Vets for help.

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